We are pleased to announce the second of a series of international stuttering symposia in Croatia, which the three of us are convening.

The aim of the symposium is to address the impact of basic research so far to date on clinical practices with those who stutter. Naturally, all research into stuttering has a goal to benefit those who stutter. Such benefits may be direct or indirect, and immediate or for the longer term. Some benefits from recent research may be projected for the future, and may not have materialised to date. The point of our symposium is to update clinicians on how basic science informs their clinical practices; they will be the target audience for our symposium.

To further this aim, we have invited internationally renowned experts to provide expert summaries on nine different topics. After each presentation there will be a 25-minute open discussion of the topic, moderated by ourselves. This will provide the audience with an opportunity to engage you in a discussion of the material.

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